My passion has always been to help people grow, both personally and professionally. After working as a recruiter for several years and living as an expat in the Netherlands I decided to start my own business and to combine my experience with my passion.

I know that it can be tough to find a job while you are still abroad or when you are already here and trying to adapt to the new life - with a new language, culture and no personal or professional network. There are differences in the application and interview process between your home country and the Netherlands that you might not be aware of. And the small things often make the difference between a rejection and an invitation for an interview or a hire.

I want to help you to land your next job and transition from your current situation to your dream job. I want to support you in building a fulfilling career and teach you strategies to regain your motivation and self esteem back when you struggle with  job hunting.

Feel free to contact me for an intake session or with any questions!


Neeta (University Lecturer)

Iris is a professional who works with the values of providing excellence. In my experience working with her, she has opened my eyes as to how to match my resume with a job profile. This was extremely helpful with the tools and advice that was given. She also aided me with understanding my strengths and bringing that clearly forward in my job applications. Her final review of my resume was extremely helpful as she was able to pick up inconsistencies and errors that were not apparent to me before. I highly recommend her; not only because of what she does, but also because of the passion with which she does her work.

Maria (Program Manager EMEA)

"Iris, you are a fantastic, genuine person! You are the hands-on person that read through my CV and spotted what I missed to see, you helped me to understand how LinkedIn profiles work and you explained to me what a recruiter sees. I now have a resume that reflects my skills and my personality! Thank you again!"

Mai (Financial Reporting Intern)

"As an expat changing my career path from academia to industry I was introduced to Iris by a friend. She gave constructive feedback on my resume and cover letter for my job application and helped me to prepare for the next job interview with two mock interviews. 

She provided me with insightful information about the recruiting process from her experience as a recruiter. Iris impressed me with her proactive, dedicated, kind and encouraging attitude. I had a great experience seeking advice for my job application from her and I highly recommend Iris as a career coach"